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Welcome to Better Records

... a different kind of record store. We specialize in finding vinyl with exceptional sound quality. Every used record on our site comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee -- if you don't like the sound (or the music!), send it back within 30 days for a full refund.

Much of the work we do around here is based on the fact that no two records sound alike. That's right -- identical looking copies of the same LP can sound very different from one another, making every record purchase a bit of a crap shoot for the buyer. Most folks selling LPs would like to ignore that fact; it's a logistical nightmare for the average record dealer but all in a day's work for us. You see, we actually enjoy playing records. That's how we find all the Hot Stampers you see on our site. We clean and play a large number of pressings of an album in our shootouts, and make the copies with the best sound
available to you, the serious audiophile. Our Testimonials section is full of letters from customers who were thrilled and even a bit shocked at how much better their Hot Stamper LP sounded compared to the one (or more!) they owned, especially if they had an audiophile pressing.

We want to find great sounding records for you, but we also want to help you get more out of the records you already own. There's a huge amount of commentary on the site to help you do just that. The
Audio Advice and Random Thoughts sections are both great places to dip a toe in.

We are also happy to help you find the equipment that will bring out the best in your records. All of the gear, tweaks, and cleaning supplies you see on the site have been tested by us, and unless otherwise noted, are recommended.

Our very best records go in our weekly mailer, which is sent to our active customers. With your first LP purchase you will automatically be added to our mailing list. Most of the best sounding records we find never make it to the site; being on the mailing list guarantees you a crack at them.

The links below should help you get acquainted with our site. We know it can be a bit overwhelming and difficult to navigate, so be sure to
drop us a line if you have any questions about how to find the records you are interested in.

Thanks for visiting. Please consider taking a few of our Better Records home for a spin. We think you will find that the sound quality of these very special pressings more than justifies their price.

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