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Audio Advice & Exercises

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Here we discuss audio issues raised by particular recordings that we've auditioned.

This link will take you to a description of our playback system. The equipment and sound improving devices we use are for the most part no longer available for purchase on the site. If we know something works it's usually because we've used it ourselves. Naturally we want our customers to benefit from our experience and achieve the same sonic improvements in their own systems. We encourage you to find retailers for these products on your own and give them a critical listen. 

We also have a section devoted to
Home Audio Exercises, experiments and challenges designed to help you improve the sound of your stereo and become a better listener at the same time. (That's fairly redundant actually; improving your stereo and becoming a better listener almost always go together.)

As users as well as retailers we offer helpful practical advice regarding the specific application of the products and equipment we recommend. This is especially true for the Hallographs and Dynavector cartridges we endorse -- products we have experimented with at length over the years.



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