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These are some bad sounding LPs!

Our Heavy Vinyl Scorecard

Visit this LINK to see how some of the Heavy Vinyl reissues (168 and counting!) scored against our famous Hot Stamper pressings.

Check back for all the latest entries because this section is very much a work in progress. It will take years to round up all the bad Heavy Vinyl pressings and make listings for them, a task that doesn’t generate a nickel in revenue but one that we feel the audiophiles who visit our site can certainly put to good use.

More Commentary Sections of Interest

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These are some bad sounding LPs!

Our Audiophile LP Scorecard

Product Detail

Below are some of the records whose sonics, in our opinion, leave much to be desired:

Practically every record Acoustic Sounds ever released INCLUDING the new 45 RPM Jazz series would qualify, as would

98% of the Sundazed catalog

95% of the Simply Vinyl catalog

95%+ of the Classic Records catalog

100% of the Get Back catalog

and most of the catalog of most of the other labels out there, too numerous and too painful to bear mentioning.

We Have a New Section!

We created a new section specifically devoted to our favorite pastime here at Better Records: Debunking The Audiophile LP. Every Hot Stamper shootout is an opportunity to bash the trash that is marketed as an Audiophile Pressing, whether it's pressed on Heavy Vinyl, Half-Speed Mastered, or has some other dubious attribute which far from guarantees better sound. We introduced it this way:

The Bad Audiophile LP regularly gets the punishment it deserves from our merry band of reviewers here at Better Records.

We created this section to bring together many of these critical commentaries. We hope you find them both educational and enjoyable. Rarely do we conduct a Hot Stamper shootout without the relevant Audiophile Pressing being involved. With few exceptions (which are so unusual I can't actually remember the last time it happened) these head to head battles consistently leave the audiophile LP beaten and bloodied, making our point again and again, to wit:

The Audiophile's Choice -- the record that will do the best job of communicating the music -- is almost never going to be the one marketed to him as an Audiophile.

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