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A Frequently Asked Question

How much better will a Hot Stamper sound on my system?

That's a tough question, because it involves two things I can't know: how good your stereo is, and how good your critical listening skills are. Really, the only way to find out is to try a record or two and see if the sound quality justifies the price to you. Which is why we offer a 100% money back guarantee: the record has to perform to your satisfaction or we give you all your money back.
Straight Answers to Your Hot Stamper Questions

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Just a few days back a fellow asked me why Led Zeppelin III sounds so awful -- he's hated the sound of his copy since he bought it in the '70s!

I sent him a link to our Hot Stamper pressing, which was priced at many hundreds of dollars, and said that our copy will show you the sound you've been missing for 40 years. This is the service we offer. He hasn't bought it yet and probably never will, but think what he's missing out on: the enjoyment of that crazy good music.

Another fellow wrote me a while back with a long list of his equipment. I replied:

I would like to help you but I know very little about any of the equipment you discuss below other than the 834p, which I do like. I very much like KEF speakers in general -- they are neutral as a rule -- which means that probably anything you buy that makes them sound better will most likely be a good piece of gear, but what that would be I cannot say, sorry.

The only way to know if your system can resolve the differences between our records and everybody else's is to try some. You are the ultimate judge of what the value of that difference is and no one else.

All guaranteed of course. Try anything you like and send it back if you don't feel it's worth the cost.

And keep in mind that as your stereo gets better, our records get better. This is not true for most audiophile reissues, whose flaws become more obvious the better your system gets.

We created THIS SECTION for those who want to get more value for their Hot Stamper dollar.

Best, TP

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