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<br>Walker Prelude Active Enzyme Cleaning System</i><p>Please Contact Your Walker Dealer</p>

Walker Prelude Active Enzyme Cleaning System

Please Contact Your Walker Dealer

Folks, we have to hand it to our friend Lloyd Walker of Walker Audio. His enzyme record cleaning system actually works BETTER than The Disc Doctor. The difference may be subtle in many cases, but it's no less real. For some of your most cherished LPs, the improvement should be well worth the extra work and expense. The Walker cleaning system takes four steps as opposed to the Disc Doctor's two, which means it takes about twice as long to clean a record with Prelude as it does with the Disc Doctor fluids. For those certain special records in your collection, we're quite sure the added time and effort will be justified.
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"We have been cleaning our records for years. We believe it is a vital step in getting the best sound reproduction quality possible from a vinyl LP. For years we were satisfied with the available products and even recommended them.

Our thinking changed when we began to talk to chemists and others about the use of enzymes. We learned that for enzymes to be effective they must be alive but they are quite fragile. We began to experiment with enzymes and various cleaning solutions to find out for ourselves if it really made a difference. And, it does! That is why we are pleased to introduce Prelude to audiophiles who know and appreciate that analog is still the pinnacle of recorded playback and who want to maximize their listening experience.

We use medical grade cleaning agents that thoroughly clean your record, yet leave no residue and contain no abrasives to harm your records. Prelude is designed to work with your vacuum record-cleaning machine.

With Prelude, you will hear a cleaner, more transparent soundstage, with better harmonics and improved dynamics, top to bottom. You will hear things you never heard before; even on LPs you’ve listened to many times. There are more nuances, more life, and more music in the recording than you know and Prelude will reveal them to you while establishing a more natural space for the performers to exist within.

We realize that some people will be reluctant to spend the time to clean a record to this level and with good reason. Once you do it and hear the extraordinary results, you will be hooked. You won’t want to listen to your records without it. If you are happy with the sound you currently have, fine. If you want everything an LP can give you, you must try Prelude Quartet. You could spend much, much (10x) more money and time on other aspects of your system and never get this level of improvement. We guarantee your satisfaction and believe you will be thrilled with the results.

We highly recommend using our Talisman Magnetic Optimizer after the LP is cleaned to improve the sound considerably. It de-statics, de-mags, and magnetically treats the LP on your platter. The Talisman also works on CDs, DVDs and other discs and you can treat your cables in place. The Talisman does not need batteries or a power cord and will last."

- Walker Audio

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