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<br>Walker Talisman Magnetic Optimizer<P>Please Contact Your Nearest Walker Dealer</p>

Walker Talisman Magnetic Optimizer

Please Contact Your Nearest Walker Dealer

It works! The improvement is EXTRAORDINARY.

Every shootout record, every potential Hot Stamper we play, gets demagnetized before we evaluate it. Like you we want to hear our records at their best. A serious cleaning followed by the Talisman's Magnetic Optimization is the only way to ensure you're getting the most from your records. We cannot recommend this product any more highly.

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Talisman Testimonial

... AT LEAST a $1000 upgrade for a quarter of the price!

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Talisman Testimonial

... Damn! And to think I doubted you ...

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Just recently I had a chance to visit a friend who has a large dedicated room and a very expensive, potentially (when it's working right) very good sounding system. After using the Talisman on a bright and phony sounding original pressing of Surrealistic Pillow, the sound was SO MUCH BETTER everyone in the room was blown away. The ridiculously bright tambourine we had just heard suddenly sounded correct, with lovely sweet and extended overtones and a solid body, something that no one who had heard it before could possibly have expected or predicted. It was one of the most remarkable transformations I have heard in my thirty five years of audiophilia.

Dollar for dollar it's hard to imagine how anything you can do to your stereo can make the sort of difference the Talisman does. For cheap tweaks, Aurios and the Talisman are the place to start to get the most bang for your audio buck. If you have more than that to spend, after those two, Hallographs would be next on my list. Notice that these items do not require you to change any equipment you already own. They don't fix your equipment, they simply allow your equipment to do what it's designed to do.

And they have one more feature in common: they always work. I have never heard the sound not improved by any of the three we mention above, and usually the difference is dramatic. Unlike most tweaks, these are not system dependent, which is why we like to offer them to our customers. We know they will like them.

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Magnetic fields and static electricity can greatly affect audio and video playback equipment and source material. The Talisman temporarily dissipates magnetic fields and static electricity allowing the phono cartridge or laser reader to transmit a purer, more accurate signal.

Use the Talisman to treat LPs, CDs, SACDs and DVDs. Distortion will be lowered and the sound will be more realistic. The soundstage will open up with improved depth and transparency. You will get more information without glare or harshness. Dynamics will improve and the harmonics will sound more natural. With video, you will get improved colors, focus and depth of image.

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